• This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon
    This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon

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Page Mill site, Portola Redwoods State ParkThere is not much left to see of the mill.
Page Mill site upstream, Portola Redwoods State ParkForest makes the sunlight solid
Pampas Grass ridge, Ano Nuevo State Park - Cascade RanchGood view of hill which might be developed with a house
Park HQ and launching point, Loch Lomand Recreation Area 
Parking Lot at Park HQ, Big Basin Redwoods State Park 
Parking lot H, Downtown Palo AltoView of Il Fornaio restaurant
Parking lot to parking lot trail, Windy Hill Preserve 
Parking lot to Parking lot trail nr 2, Windy Hill Preserve 
Partington Ridge chaparrel, Los Padres National Forest (Northern) 
Partington Ridge overlook, from below logpile, Los Padres National Forest (Northern) 
PCT near Crater Lake visitor center nr1, Crater Lake National Park 
PCT near Crater Lake visitor center nr2, Crater Lake National Park 
PCT Section O approaching Grizzly Peak, Shasta National Forest 
Peaseley Gulch crossing, Wilder Ranch State ParkPoor GPS coverage here
Peers Park, Downtown Palo Alto 
Pescadero Beach dune, Pescadero State BeachThe fogbank was trying to overrun the beach.
Pescadero Marsh, Pescadero State BeachLate in the day, but the sun is still pretty high.
Pescadero Marsh overlook and bench , Pescadero State BeachPescadero Marsh is not only beautiful to look at, but a vital habitat
Peters Creek Loop, middle, Portola Redwoods State ParkSaw only one person that day
Peters Creek Loop, north end, Portola Redwoods State ParkFirst generation old redwoods
Peters Creek Loop, south end, Portola Redwoods State Park3 cm long termites common here
Peters Creek, north of apple orchard, Long Ridge PreserveIncredible green scene with moss-covered rocks, ferns, trees
Peyto Lake viewpoint, Banff National ParkIt was hard to get the hordes of tourists out of the picture.
Pier at upper Echo Lake, Desolation WildernessDES5
Pier on Pond, Skyline Ridge Preserve 
Pigeon Point lighthouse, Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic ParkThe ocean mist nicely dimmed the sun's strength on the lighthouse
Pillar point harbor, at base of hill, MontaraNo remote shutter release; didn't adjust for focal point of tamron lens; rig was not quite level
Pillar Point nr 2, Coastside BeachesThis completes a loop of 300 panoramas, back at the site of my first.
Pinchot Pass, Kings Canyon National ParkShot with Francois Mercat's 2 oz. panhead
Pine Ridge, Ventana WildernessHard to find a viewpoint on this mountain due to fierce after fire growth
Pine Valley, Ventana WildernessIncredible clouds of bugs in the valley
Pinnacles nr 0, Pinnacles National MonumentPIN0
Pinnacles nr 1, Pinnacles National MonumentPIN1
Pinnacles nr 2, Pinnacles National MonumentPIN2
Pinnacles nr 4, Pinnacles National MonumentPIN4
Pinnacles nr 5, Pinnacles National MonumentPIN5
Pinnacles nr 6, Pinnacles National MonumentPIN6
Piute Lake, Sierra National Forest 
Piute Pass nr 1, Sierra National Forest 
Piute Pass nr 2, Sierra National ForestFrom a rock outcrop just east of the high point of the pass
Pogonip initial hill near south entrance, Pogonip Park 
Point Arena, Northern California CoastlineThe lighthouse keeper is very aggressive about keeping people from straying
Point below Coast Ridge Road nr1, Los Padres National Forest (Northern)Just beyond halfway up to the ridgetop
Point below Coast Ridge Road nr2, Los Padres National Forest (Northern)Just beyond halfway up to the ridgetop
Point below Coast Ridge Road nr3, Los Padres National Forest (Northern)Just beyond halfway up to the ridgetop
Point Bonita Lighthouse nr 1, Golden Gate National Recreation AreaThe "front" of the lighthouse, with interpretive panel.
Point Bonita Lighthouse nr 2, Golden Gate National Recreation AreaFrom the "back" of the lighthouse, facing the great Pacific
Point Bonita Lighthouse nr 3, Golden Gate National Recreation AreaFrom the back, only with a wider angle lens
Point Lobos sunset, Point Lobos State Reserve 
Point Montara Lighthouse nr 2, Coastside BeachesOn a bluff north of the lighthouse
Point Montara Lighthouse nr 3, Coastside BeachesSouth of the Lighthouse
Point Pinos Lighthouse nr 1, Point Pinos 
Point Reyes, Point Reyes National SeashoreOcean and bluff view from atop some rocks at the gate to the lighthouse
Point Reyes bluffs, Point Reyes National SeashoreSunset's fading light on the bluffs north of Point Reyes.
Point Reyes nr 2, Point Reyes National SeashoreCloser to sunset
Point Sur Barracks Visitor Center, Big SurA superb view looking back on the "mainland"
Point Sur Lighthouse Blacksmith Shop, Big SurThis was shot down below the new water tank
Point Sur Lighthouse Keeper's Dwellings, Big Sur 
Point Sur Lighthouse nr 2, Big SurThe lighthouse uses similar rock facing as old buildings at Stanford.
Point Tomales Trail nr2, Point Reyes National Seashore 
Point Tomales Trail nr3, Point Reyes National Seashore 
Pomponio Beach Bluff, Pomponio State BeachExcellent viewpoint of some fine coastside beaches
Pomponio Trail near Camp Pomponio, Pescadero Creek County Park 
Pond, Long Ridge PreserveWaterfowl present but not visible
Pond along Wilder Ridge Trail, Wilder Ranch State ParkRedwood trees here are all topped. Lupines in foreground.
Pond near Bass Lake nr2, Joseph D. Grant County Park 
Poppies Acorn Trail and Access nr1, Arastradero Preserve 
Poppies Acorn Trail and Access nr3, Arastradero Preserve 
Poppies along first switchbacks, Stile Ranch 
Poppies and tidy tips, Park 319 
Poppies aside hill next to Access Road and Meadowlark Trail, Arastradero Preserve 
Poppies off Ridge Trail, Russian Ridge Open Space 
Poppies on hill between Acorn Trail and Access Road nr4, Arastradero Preserve 
Poppies on hill between Acorn Trail and Access Road nr5, Arastradero Preserve 
Poppies on Partington Ridge nr1, Los Padres National Forest (Northern)Perhaps the best poppy field with a view I've seen
Poppies on Partington Ridge nr2, Los Padres National Forest (Northern)The broom plant, while pretty, is non-native
Poppy field at entrance, Wilder Ranch State ParkThis field could be seen from miles away on Hwy 1
Poppyfield aside hill nr2, Arastradero Preserve 
Poppyfield aside hill nr3, Arastradero Preserve 
Poppyfield nr4, Arastradero Preserve 
Poppyfield nr5, Arastradero Preserve 
Portola Trail along Fall Creek, Portola Redwoods State ParkThe afternoon light falling on a waterfall
Pt. Reyes Lighthouse, Point Reyes National SeashorePt. Reyes is reputed to be the second foggiest place in the US.
Punta Gorda Lighthouse, King Range National Conservation AreaThe BLM tore down supporting structures in 1970.
Purisima Creekbottom nr 1, Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve 
Purisima Creekbottom nr 2, Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve 
Purisima Creekbottom nr 3, Purisima Creek Redwoods PreserveBeautiful maidenhair ferns here
Purisima Creekside nr 1, Purisima Creek Redwoods Preserve 
Purisima Hog Gulch Creekbottom, Purisima Creek Redwoods PreserveThere is a crude but satisfying bench by the leaning tree.
Purple Lake, Sierra National Forest 

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