• Lake Smedberg on the PCT, California
    This 360 panorama is of Lake Smedberg on the PCT, California

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Your virtual parks site has the best wilderness pictures and narratives that I have ever seen. Congratulations on this site! It must be some experience to travel to all of those places, and I'm glad that you took the time to share the beautiful vistas with those of us who have never been there. Keep up the good work!

--David Anderson

Thank you, Erik, and thank you, QuickTime. This site zoomed to the top of my favorite sites list. Being able to virtually visit so many of the places I used to go, when I lived in Los Gatos, is a beautiful, bittersweet experience. I'm so glad QuickTime put your link in their News today.


Just visited your parks. WOW!! What an incredible archive. And having lived more than 50 years in Northern California, I really enjoyed the return visit to so many places I am very familiar with. I've lived in San Jose, Santa Cruz County, Nevada City/Grass Valley, Chico/Paradise, so your vr tours are like a visit home.   ...Your body of work is very inspiring.

--Rich Shipley

I just saw your Panoramic Parks site linked from the Quicktime Page at Apple and got to congratulate you on a job well done -- beautiful site, beautiful panos. Especially since I got to appreciate how much work goes into them.

--Michael Tompert

Wonderful pictures, great web site! Thanks for posting this!

--Nina B.

I've just gotten a small taste of this Web site (I have to get to work!), but I'd just like to say it's great. The pictures are breathtaking, and I'm now "walking through" some places I haven't been to for more than 15 years. Good job! ... thanks for a beautifully put-together Web site.

--Lois Reese

Your idea is fantastic. Thanks for letting us enjoy those beautiful pictures, they are the closest thing to being there (maybe sound could be added in some cases?). Congratulations on a wonderful effort.

--Andres Rodriguez

Thank you for these beautiful shots - wonderful, breathtaking photos.

--Klaus Hoffesommer

The first thing to say is what a marvellous site. The fact that you spend the time that you must on scanning in your originals is surprising enough but the quality is amazing. I am a photographer myself in the UK ... Your images I have to say are inspirational

--Martin Potter

I've just forwarded this to several friends who are mobility impaired. A trip to the woods with no mosquitoes! Thank you!


I love this website! You've done a fantastic job. I'm planning a photoshoot in CA and this is such a large help. It'd be interesting if you would sort your site by mountain bike trails! yeah! Thanks for such great virtual reality!

--Elise Plakke

Thanks for all the gorgeous panoramas! Places I've been, and places I want to go. Must share with many. Many thanks!

--Meg Crockett

Such beautiful panoramas! Now that I have DSL I can really enjoy websites like this. And how exciting to see the places I have been as well as the places I want to go. This is really wonderful. Thanks!


I've just visited your virtual parks pages via a notice in the QuickTime news from Apple. Your photos are incredible!! I especially love those taken in the Wasatch mountains, since this is where I live - in Provo.


This is truly a great site!!!

--Jeff Winters

Just wanted to say that your site is very impressive. I am into VR and Web design... I can appreciate the mass of efforts (and talent).

--Loic Le Guilly

What a great site you have here. Not only do you get to see 360 degrees but you can control it! That is great. Beautiful pictures.

--JR Gullick

These are beautiful. I will never get to go anyplace like that so I appreciate seeing them. What a beautiful country we have. Thank you.


What a creme fraiche of gratuitous graphics. It is apparent from the layout of your web page that you are a struggeling homeless person, who is slightly savvy with a camera. You call yourself a human?! Get a clue. You are making a mockery of respectable humans like myself.


Your work is unbelievable!

--Tim Smith

Thank you for a most fantastic site. I'm an ICT teacher in the UK, and will find this of great value in lessons.



--Pat and Joe Chapman

I don't normally send in comments about sites unless they stink horribly, but I ran across your QuickTime VR pictures while looking for pictures of Delicate Arch and I am very impressed by the quality of images and the presentation. ... Excellent job!

--Arle Lommel

Beautiful scenes! Thanks for your fine works.

--A. Meyer

A great site, virtualparks.org! So nice to see what California really looks like (I'm from Holland, so far away :-). Even better, it has (a long time ago, actually) inspired me to do the same thing,


Wow! You are brilliant, the panoramas are stunning and wonderful, and greatly appreciated. Thank you, bless you, keep filming!

--Terra Dunivant

I just wanted to comment on your amazing site. I think it's one of the best I've ever seen. It is exactly why I got into panoramic photography. I can't say enough nice things about your site. It will be in my bookmarks for a long time.

--Michael James



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