• This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon
    This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon

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PlaceThumbnailFilesizeQuality rankingCamera usedCan seeNotes
Triple Arch, Arches National ParkThumbnail2856 KB 183 Nikon N90s Triple Arch Shot with a home-made panhead
Along Kelly Creek on the Skyline to the Sea Trail, Big Basin Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2473 KB 827 Canon T90 Creek was 100 feet straight down
Berry Creek Falls nr 1, Big Basin Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2267 KB 484 Canon T90 Huge waterfall
Cascade Falls, Big Basin Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2336 KB 979 Canon T90 Last of the Berry Creek falls
Father of the forest tree, Big Basin Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2349 KB 732 Canon T90 Sixteen feet 10 inch diameter, 250 feet tall tree with circumference 66 feet!
Footbridge across Waddell Creek, Big Basin Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2160 KB 980 Canon T90 Just enough room for tripod here
Mt. McAbee, Big Basin Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2042 KB 911 Canon T90 Great view out to Waddell Beach
Redwood Trail meadow, Big Basin Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2141 KB 912 Canon T90 Incredible morning light
Sempervirons Falls, Big Basin Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2285 KB 696 Canon T90 Two other photographers in scene
Shadowbrook Trail?, Big Basin Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2230 KB 0 Canon T90
Silver Falls, Big Basin Redwoods State ParkThumbnail1889 KB 981 Canon T90 Upstream from Berry Creek Falls
Valley view; about 1/2 mile from parking, Burleigh Murray State ParkThumbnail1889 KB 890 Canon T90
Ano Nuevo Trail, Butano State ParkThumbnail2222 KB 715 Canon T90 View does not show the bellowing cows
Butano Creek Pumphouse, Butano State ParkThumbnail2601 KB 913 Canon T90 Interrupted by 140 hikers! Some kind of club outing.
Butano Creek Trail nr 1, Butano State ParkThumbnail2597 KB 916 Canon T90 Nice flat trail
Butano Creek Trail nr 2, Butano State ParkThumbnail2277 KB 915 Canon T90 Redwood shades
Butano Creek Trail nr 3, Butano State ParkThumbnail2359 KB 914 Canon T90 Low key footbridge
Six Bridges Trail, Butano State ParkThumbnail2419 KB 313 Canon T90 Picturesque leaning trees
California Avenue and Birch , California Avenue Palo AltoThumbnail1376 KB 1008 Canon T90 Across from Printers Inc
Chesler Park Trail nr 8, Canyonlands National ParkThumbnail2432 KB 241 Nikon N90s North Six-shooter Peak, Elephant Hill Shot with a home-made panhead
Castle Rock, Castle Rock SP, Castle Rock State ParkThumbnail1790 KB 983 Canon T90 Overcast day
Loughry Woods Trail, Castle Rock State ParkThumbnail2234 KB 734 Canon T90 Stream full of skeet
near Castle Rock (the rock), Castle Rock State ParkThumbnail2138 KB 818 Canon T90 There are a number of big rocks near the Castle Rock
Saratoga Gap Trail, at Kings Creek crossing, Castle Rock State ParkThumbnail2238 KB 839 Canon T90 Mossy stream
Western Rim Trail nr 1, Crater Lake National ParkThumbnail1196 KB 68 Nikon CP5000 Crater Lake, Wizard Island This was shot handheld
Capitola Beach, CapitolaThumbnail2117 KB 165 Nikon N90s
Capitola Pier, CapitolaThumbnail986 KB 214 Nikon N90s City of Capitola, Pacific Ocean, Loma Prieta Shot with a home-made panhead
East Bluffs overlooking Capitola, CapitolaThumbnail2399 KB 133 Nikon N90s Capitola, the Esplanade, Pacific Ocean Shot with a home-made panhead
Esplanade nr 1, CapitolaThumbnail2583 KB 220 Nikon N90s
Esplanade nr 2, CapitolaThumbnail2409 KB 178 Nikon N90s The Esplanade, Capitola Shot with a home-made panhead
West Bluffs overlooking Capitola, CapitolaThumbnail3011 KB 140 Nikon N90s
Willis Canyon, Escalante Grand Staircase National MonumentThumbnail2477 KB 623 Nikon N90s WILLZ1 -- monopod pano
Fall Creek, Fall Creek Unit Henry Cowell State ParkThumbnail1905 KB 908 Canon T90
Fall Creek, Fall Creek Unit Henry Cowell State ParkThumbnail2254 KB 907 Canon T90
Fall Creek, Fall Creek Unit Henry Cowell State ParkThumbnail2192 KB 338 Canon T90 Incredible spot
Fall Creek waterfall, Fall Creek Unit Henry Cowell State ParkThumbnail2331 KB 909 Canon T90
Lime Kilns, Fall Creek Unit Henry Cowell State ParkThumbnail2595 KB 689 Canon T90
Boronda Lake, Foothills ParkThumbnail1345 KB 678 Canon T90 Interesting cloud formations
Meadow near Nature Center, Foothills ParkThumbnail1634 KB 924 Canon T90 Only PA Residents allowed!
Scenic point, Foothills ParkThumbnail1306 KB 815 Canon T90 Post-rain clarity, green hills

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