• This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon
    This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon

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 Building Interiors   
 Fall Foliage   Observing fall colors can be a lot of fun. These scenes include aspens turning yellow/orange/red, and other unbelievable foliage colors.
 Ghost towns and ruins   From Bodie to other relics of the west's history, see these structures before they rust into oblivion.
 Great Meadows   Vast green pastoral scenes
 Lakes and Reservoirs   Many people enjoy seeing large bodies of water. Here's an assortment of lakes and reservoirs from around the Western US and Canada, from Peyto Lake to Lake Tahoe.
 Lighthouses   Explore many varied types of lighthouses found along the west coast of the United States.
 Mountain tops and passes   Visit the rare air found atop some incredible mountain tops and passes.
 Ocean and Beaches   The coastline of North America is a fascinating interface between land and sea. Check out the many beach and ocean scenes, mostly in California.
 Petroglyphs and pictographs   Every year more rock art gets stolen (carved out of the rock and taken away), or weathered. View these priceless examples of rock art.
 Redwoods and Sequoias   There's something special about a redwood forest.
 Rock formations   Some of the most wondrous sculpted rock formations occur in the western US.
 Snow and ice   Snow changes everything.
 Streams and Creeks   Explore the intricate and often lush world of the watershed's waterway of life: streams and creeks.
 Sunsets and Sunrises   Sunsets may be somewhat of a photographic cliche but at least with a panorama you can see both the sun and the incredible evening or morning light cast on the surroundings.
 Waterfalls   View many different kinds of awe-inspiring waterfalls, from tiny creek falls to roaring monsters like the Athabasca River falls.
 Wildflowers   Enjoy some of spring and summer's great wildflower displays around California captured in 360 degrees.
 Wildlife   It's very unusual to see wildlife in a panorama because of the wide angle lenses used and the bulky, time-consuming, and vaguely threatening (to an animal) tripod/photo gear setup.


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