• Kodachrome Park, Utah
    This 360 panorama is of Kodachrome Park, Utah

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Common problems viewing panoramas and some solutions


Most of the problems I've heard people having are getting the QuickTime software installed and working with their browser.

I've downloaded the QuickTime software and still the panoramas do not display?
  • Did you install the QuickTime software?
  • Does your browser have the QuickTime plugin installed?
  • Did you try another browser (IE has more problems than others)?
I installed QuickTime and nothing happens when I try to view a panorama?
  • Sometimes after installing QuickTime for Windows, you need to reboot the computer.
  • Are you behind a firewall that filters out ".mov" content?
OK, some nature is showing up inside the panorama window. What do I do now?

It may not be obvious what to do once the scene is displayed by your browser:

  • Move the cursor within the inside of the picture window.
  • Hold down the mouse button and drag to change your panorama viewpoint. You can usually move up to shift the view towards the sky, down to shift the view towards the ground, and left or right to scan around in a full circle.
  • PC: Use the Shift key to enable the zoom function. Use Ctrl to Zoom Out. On the Mac: Option key zooms in, Control key zooms out.
When viewing QTVR panoramas, the sky exhibits "banding"?
  • Usually this means one's monitor is set to 8 or 16 bit color. In 24 bit color mode there should be no banding.
When I play a scene all I see are tiny strips of scenery go flying by?
  • This is most likely because you are playing a QuickTime/VR scene with a software application which understands how to play QuickTime movies but not VR. This can happen when a software layer like Windows Media asks you whether it should be the default player for all QuickTime (.mov) files, and you say yes. The simplest solution is to re-install QuickTime.
I'm using a Mac and have QuickTime Player X but it won't display QuickTime VR?
  • If you have a Mac running Snow Leopard, Lion, Mountain Lion, or Lynx, it comes with QuickTime X but cannot display VR content. You will need to download the QuickTime 7 software to view QuickTime VR. This doesn't replace your newer QuickTime, it just adds the ability to view additional QuickTime formats.

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