• View of Shadow Lake, California
    This 360 panorama is a view of Shadow Lake, California

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Frequently asked questions (FAQ)

  • Why are VirtualParks panoramas rectilinear?
    A: While I've shot cubic panoramas, I tend to prefer the natural appearance of rectangular panoramas when printed or viewed online. The human eye has a bias towards horizontal viewing I think. The extra time to shoot vertically could be spent enjoying going further down the trail.
  • What happened to the maps that used to be here?
    A: See this page
  • How much time does it take to build panoramas of this quality?
    A: When shooting with film, each 360 panorama could take as much as 8-10 hours to scan, cleanup scans in Photoshop, stitch, clean up the stitch in Photoshop, and export to a flat image, then build a VR. Now with digital cameras ever-growing pixel count, a few hours can be saved scanning but if you want the highest quality, expect to spend a few hours getting a panorama built. The stitching process for 12-16 very sizable images is probably not any faster than it was years ago when no one scanned very large images because PCs couldn't handle the size.
  • Which stitcher do you use?
    A: If it is a scene that seems promising, I try several stitchers to see which one handles the particular challenge of that place and time the best. I used to use QTVRAS but it has not been updated in over ten years.

Header panoramas backstory

#1: Shadow Lake

This lake scene was captured on film while resting along the way to Lake Ediza, on a very long summer day. Being at the lower end of the lake, quite a few people walked by while I was here.


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