• This snippet of a 360 panorama is from the state of Washington
    This snippet of a 360 panorama is from the state of Washington

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USA > California > Southern Sierra Nevada > Inyo National Forest > [ Medium resolution ]

Panorama of Mt. Whitney Trail Crest nr 1

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Accessibility from nearest trailhead or parking:  Workout walk (4 - 5 miles one way)
Comments:  After having filtered/filled my water reservoir at trail camp with dubious looking water from a lake, I headed up the 99 switchbacks. I didn't do too badly for the first dozen, found some energy after a rest and kept up. For some reason I got it in my head that I had to avoid being passed by a group below me. As I passed snowmelt trickles I wondered if my 72 ounces of water would last to the top and back. I definitely enjoyed being able to sip water as I needed it without removing my pack. After about switchback 50 I found it harder and harder going. The disillusionment grew when I looked up and saw how much higher the people ahead of me were. It seemed like they were thousands of feet above me. I past the trail crew after having a pleasant exchange with the first guy who was moving large rocks all by himself. I took more and more rests and passed a guy who seemed to be struggling with it more than I. Eventually I evened out with a guy who was affected about as much as I was. I began to question whether I would make it to the top. I decided it was OK to only make it to Trail Crest. Ten more switchbacks, then ten more. Finally some corner got turned and I felt sure I could see Trail Crest. This galvenized my strength to push on. I sped up, even though there were sections where the trail was in pretty bad shape. Finally one last stretch of trail leading up to Trail Crest. And reaching the point itself was truly glorious. I felt tired and drained but my spirit was on top of the world. I didn't need to go any further than this!
Photo info:  Photographer: Erik Goetze  Lens: 24mm  Film: unknown  Exposure: @f22
'Best of' rating: This panorama is rated as the 100th best.

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