• Bear Creek, California
    This 360 panorama is from Bear Creek, California

VirtualParks.org in the South Sierras


View Virtual Parks in the Southern Sierra Nevada

A textual list of parks along with descriptions is available, and lists all the parks in this region.

I have shot hundreds of Sierra Nevada VR panoramas since 1995. These panoramic VR scenes are scattered amongst hundreds of parks, preserves, and forests, ranging from Yosemite, Kings Canyon, & Desolation Wilderness at Lake Tahoe to Inyo NF, Toiyabe NF, Ansel Adams Wilderness, Hoover Wilderness, and beyond. Use this map to drill into a region of interest in the Sierras.

The Sierra Nevada is also known as the "Range of Light".

Map of the North Sierras shows regions with panoramas

A rough overview map of the Southern Sierras. Shows which parks have panoramic content.

For a different panorama every day, visit VRlog.com, which works in all popular browsers and supports fullscreen viewing and WebVR.