• This 360 panorama is from Peyto Lake, Canada
    This 360 panorama is from Peyto Lake, Canada

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Virtual Inyo National Forest viewpoints

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Inyo National Forest  Aspen forest above Silver Lake nr 2Thumbnail652 KBJUNE5
  Aspen grove above Grant Lake nr 2Thumbnail501 KBThere was no trail here.
  Aspen grove besides Lundy Lake nr 1Thumbnail455 KB 
  Below Whitney Summit, snowfieldThumbnail502 KB 
  Beneath Lamarck ColThumbnail1065 KB 
  Bennetville nr 1Thumbnail473 KB 
  Bennetville nr 10Thumbnail499 KB 
  Bennetville nr 2Thumbnail496 KB 
  Bennetville nr 4Thumbnail587 KB 
  Bennetville nr 5Thumbnail575 KB 
  Bennetville nr 6Thumbnail586 KB 
  Bennetville nr 7Thumbnail585 KB 
  Bennetville nr 8Thumbnail586 KB 
  Bennetville nr 9Thumbnail575 KB 
  Bennetville: inside miner's bunkhouseThumbnail500 KBInside the reconstructed miner's bunkhouse
  Bishop Pass nr 5Thumbnail945 KBMy thousandth Panorama! Plus or minus one.
  Gilbert LakeThumbnail1032 KB 
  Lone Pine LakeThumbnail668 KB 
  Long LakeThumbnail358 KBLNGLK1
  Lower Lamarck Lake nr 2Thumbnail1069 KB 
  Lundy Lake 1Thumbnail595 KB 
  Mt. Whitney Trail Crest nr 1Thumbnail497 KB 
  Rockfield near Little Pothole Lake and Gilbert LakeThumbnail1042 KBComing out of Onion Valley
  Second Lake nr 2Thumbnail882 KB 
  Snow covered lakeThumbnail311 KBSNOLAK
  Trail out of Onion ValleyThumbnail1059 KB 
  Trail to Lamarck Col nr 1Thumbnail779 KB 
  Trail to Lamarck Col nr 2Thumbnail849 KB 
  Upper Lamarck LakeThumbnail1023 KB 
  Whitney summit nr 2Thumbnail923 KBSecond pano -- taken from the northwest corner, near toilet.
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