• This snippet of a 360 panorama is from the state of Washington
    This snippet of a 360 panorama is from the state of Washington

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Panorama of Trail to Lamarck Col nr 2

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Scene Information
Accessibility from nearest trailhead or parking:  Good walk (1.5 - 3 miles one way)
Comments:  Shot from the trail from North Lake to Lamarck Col in the Eastern Sierras in California, summer 2003. This location is at the top of the steep switchbacks after you leave the trail to upper Lamarck Lake. In the distance Owens Valley and Bishop are visible. The large body of water is Upper Lamarck Lake, but there are a couple other lakes visible in the print. I had to perch on a rock column to get this scene.
Photo info:  Photographer: Erik Goetze  Lens: 18mm  Film: Kodak Gold 100  Exposure: @f22
'Best of' rating: This panorama is rated as the 36th best.

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