• This 360 panorama is from Piute Lake, California?
    This 360 panorama is from Piute Lake, California

VirtualParks Rock formations


Rock formations

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General AreaLocationSize
Arches National Park  Delicate Arch nr 1261 KBThe famous landmark arch
Arches National Park  Triple Arch1057 KBShot with a home-made panhead
Natural Bridges National Monument  Sipapu Bridge nr 1755 KBShot from a ledge on the trail down
Canyonlands National Park  Chesler Park Trail nr 7779 KBCANYN6
Castle Rock State Park  Goat Rock1078 KBI climbed up the easy way to get this dramatic vista. Butano Ridge is clearly visible behind the rock crest.
Castle Rock State Park  Castle Rock, Castle Rock SP1000 KBOvercast day
Castle Rock State Park  near Castle Rock (the rock)1010 KBThere are a number of big rocks near the Castle Rock
El Corte de Madera Preserve  El Corte de Madera sandstone formation914 KBSandstone is not well lit here. The one hiking-only trail in ECdM
Pinnacles National Monument  Pinnacles nr 0611 KBPIN0
Pinnacles National Monument  Pinnacles nr 2513 KBPIN2
Pinnacles National Monument  Pinnacles nr 4481 KBPIN4
Pinnacles National Monument  Pinnacles nr 5497 KBPIN5
Pinnacles National Monument  Pinnacles nr 6548 KBPIN6
Sierra National Forest  Overlooking Piute Crags991 KB 
Yosemite National Park  Lembert Dome nr 3484 KB 
Yosemite National Park  Lembert Dome nr 2483 KB 
Yosemite National Park  Lembert Dome nr 1592 KB 


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