• This snippet of a 360 panorama is from the state of Washington
    This snippet of a 360 panorama is from the state of Washington

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USA > California > Southern Sierra Nevada > Kings Canyon National Park > [ Medium resolution ]

Panorama of Lamarck Col

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Scene Information
Elev.: 12930ft.
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Accessibility from nearest trailhead or parking:  Workout walk (4 - 5 miles one way)
Comments:  We were unbelievably lucky to because the following day it rained and hailed and turned back some people trying to cross here. We didn't quite get as early of a start as I'd hoped for, and it took many hours to ascend the 3500 vertical feet from North Lake trailhead. From the little lake below the snowfield, it took us an hour to scramble through a rockfield and then cross the permanent snowfield and then negotiate another boulder field and get to a semblence of a trail and finally make it to the top. After such a long struggle, the view here was truly rewarding. We could see Darwin Lakes and Evolution Meadow Valley.
Photo info:  Photographer: Erik Goetze  Lens: 18mm  Film: Kodak Gold 100  Exposure: @f22
'Best of' rating: This panorama is rated as the 52nd best.

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