• This snippet of a 360 panorama is from the state of Washington
    This snippet of a 360 panorama is from the state of Washington

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USA > California > Northern California > Headwaters Forest Reserve > [ Medium resolution ]

Panorama of Elk Creek Tributary nr 2

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Scene Information
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Accessibility from nearest trailhead or parking:  Good walk (1.5 - 3 miles one way)
Comments:  I was hiking into the new Headwaters Reserve when I spotted this lush tributary of Elk Creek. It had been drizzling all morning and the road up was very slick and muddy, but this scene made it worthwhile. While setting up, I found an old fashioned cable shutter release on the forest floor, so I was clearly not the first here.
Photo info:  Photographer: Erik Goetze  Lens: 14mm  Film: Kodak Ektapress Multispeed 640  Exposure: @f22
'Best of' rating: This panorama is rated as the 35th best.

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