• This 360 panorama is from the PCT north of Mt. Whitney
    This 360 panorama is from PCT north of Mt. Whitney

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Virtual Windy Hill Preserve viewpoints

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Windy Hill Preserve  Anniversary TrailThumbnail657 KB 
  Lost Trail--giant TrilliumThumbnail1104 KB 
  Lost Trail, top of Hamms GulchThumbnail1118 KB 
  Next to Spring Ridge Trail nr 1Thumbnail912 KB 
  Next to Spring Ridge Trail nr 2Thumbnail963 KB 
  Parking lot to parking lot trailThumbnail590 KB 
  Parking lot to Parking lot trail nr 2Thumbnail558 KB 
  Razorback Ridge Trail nr 3Thumbnail1100 KB 
  Razorback Ridge Trail nr 4Thumbnail1237 KB 
  Razorback Ridge Trail nr 5Thumbnail1033 KB 
  Razorback Ridge Trail nr 6Thumbnail1151 KB 
  Razorback Ridge Trail-Hounds TonguesThumbnail1082 KB 
  Small hill overlooking parking lotThumbnail551 KB 
  Spring Ridge Trail overlook nr1Thumbnail822 KB 
  Spring Ridge Trail overlook nr2Thumbnail701 KB 
  Windy Hill summitThumbnail924 KBFair view of Silicon Valley, saw a bobcat while ascending
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