• This 360 panorama is from Tioga Pass, Yosemite
    This 360 panorama is from Tioga Pass, Yosemite

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Virtual Wilder Ranch State Park viewpoints

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Wilder Ranch State Park  Above Five Trails intersectionThumbnail991 KB 
  Along fence at Wilder Ridge LoopThumbnail909 KB 
  Along woodcutter trailThumbnail470 KB007
  Baldwin Loop near Hwy 1Thumbnail785 KB 
  Baldwin Loop Trail cliffsThumbnail577 KBThe Baldwin Creek watershed is dramatic viewing from here
  Baldwin Loop Trail nr 3Thumbnail593 KBHilltop and some trees finally
  Baldwin Loop, north sideThumbnail537 KB 
  Baldwin Trail nr 1Thumbnail593 KBThis trail is exposed to the sun a lot.
  Baldwin Trail nr 2Thumbnail593 KBBig Sur on the southern horizon
  Bluff over 4 Mile Beach nr 1Thumbnail682 KB 
  Bluff over 4 Mile Beach nr 2Thumbnail798 KB 
  Bluff over 4 Mile Beach nr 3Thumbnail690 KB 
  Bottom of overlook hillThumbnail649 KB 
  Chinquinkin Trail overlookThumbnail576 KB 
  Coast cliffs overlooking sea lion spotThumbnail910 KB 
  Coast viewpointThumbnail833 KB 
  Cowboy Loop below hilltopThumbnail887 KB 
  Cowboy Loop hilltopThumbnail533 KB 
  Cowboy Loop near fenceThumbnail813 KB 
  Cowboy quarters and corralThumbnail947 KBWilder Ranch is quite picturesque
  Enchanted Loop TrailThumbnail589 KBThe forest is enchanted only when no one is shouting.
  End of Woodcutter trailThumbnail476 KB 
  Engelsman Loop RedwoodsThumbnail961 KB 
  Englesman Trail overlook pointThumbnail1010 KB 
  Fern grottoThumbnail934 KB 
  Field by Empire Grade nr1Thumbnail1024 KB 
  Field by Empire Grade nr2Thumbnail1042 KBIncredible display of blue-eyed grass
  Footpath near parking lotThumbnail776 KB 
  Gray Whale Ranch nr 5Thumbnail693 KB 
  Intersection of Eucalyptus Loop and Enchanted LoopThumbnail608 KBLots of old ranch fences, equipment, roads here
  Intersection of Wilder Creek and Cave GulchThumbnail560 KBSkeleton of old log bridge across Wilder Creek visible.
  Old Cove Landing Trail near overlookThumbnail749 KB 
  Old Cove Landing Trail near Overlook nr2Thumbnail737 KB 
  Old Cove Landing Trail Overlook nr1Thumbnail581 KB 
  Old Cove Landing Trail Overlook nr2Thumbnail697 KB 
  Old Cove Landing Trail Overlook nr3Thumbnail644 KB 
  Old Cove Landing Trail past OverlookThumbnail715 KB 
  Overlook near parking lotThumbnail763 KB 
  Peaseley Gulch crossingThumbnail814 KBPoor GPS coverage here
  Pond along Wilder Ridge TrailThumbnail700 KBRedwood trees here are all topped. Lupines in foreground.
  Poppy field at entranceThumbnail681 KBThis field could be seen from miles away on Hwy 1
  Ridge off Baldwin Loop nr 1Thumbnail646 KB 
  Ridge off Baldwin Loop nr 2Thumbnail706 KB 
  Ridge off Baldwin Loop nr 3Thumbnail826 KB 
  Ridgetop along Wilder Ridge trailThumbnail490 KBSunset on a hazy Monterey Bay
  Ruins--just inside Gray Whale RanchThumbnail727 KBInteresting old ruins
  Top of Zane Grey cuttoffThumbnail626 KBBrushed off a Lyme Disease carrying tick here while some bikers talked about contracting problems.
  Twin OaksThumbnail785 KBAt the intersection of twin oaks trail and ? trail.
  West hills nr 4Thumbnail859 KB 
  Western end of Twin Oaks trailThumbnail964 KB 
  Wilder Creek and nameless gulchThumbnail661 KBA mysterious stone structure lay at my feet
  Wilder RanchhouseThumbnail816 KBThe gardens are nicely done and well maintained
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