• This 360 panorama is from the PCT north of Mt. Whitney
    This 360 panorama is from PCT north of Mt. Whitney

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Virtual Stile Ranch viewpoints

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Stile Ranch  High Point of parkThumbnail642 KB 
  Hillside flowers midway along trailThumbnail751 KB 
  Hilltop across from IBM ResearchThumbnail750 KB 
  Middle hilltop across from IBM ResearchThumbnail544 KB 
  Orange Lichen Rock midway inThumbnail957 KB 
  Poppies along first switchbacksThumbnail761 KB 
  Rock fence above first switchbacksThumbnail751 KB 
  Rock formation above first switchbacksThumbnail797 KB 
  Serpentine Soil above first switchbacksThumbnail928 KB 
  Trail switchbacks and poppyfieldsThumbnail666 KB 
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