• This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon
    This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon

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Virtual Stanford University Campus viewpoints

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Stanford University Campus  Art near Braun Music Center and Law SchoolThumbnail901 KB 
  Art near Meyer LibraryThumbnail660 KB 
  Buckeye Tree along road to Big DishThumbnail978 KBWonderful craggy tree and view
  Cactus Garden nr1Thumbnail852 KB 
  Cantor Center for Visual ArtThumbnail608 KB 
  Hill next to Big DishThumbnail718 KBMany Ithariel's Spear wildflowers in bloom
  Lagunita Thumbnail1059 KBAfter the January 96 rains, was pretty full
  Lasuen Mall--view of Hoover TowerThumbnail782 KB 
  Main QuadThumbnail457 KB 
  Memorial CourtThumbnail563 KB 
  Overlook #2Thumbnail672 KBNice view of the bay
  Radio Astronomy Dish Hill Thumbnail892 KBFairly clear day, sub-optimal lens
  Ridge NE of Big DishThumbnail687 KBTaken minutes before sunset--nice raking light on Santa Clara valley.
  Ridge overlooking quarryThumbnail742 KBUnder a large oak below ridgetop ruins of a house
  Road to The DishThumbnail994 KB 
  Rock outcrop at top of shortcutThumbnail665 KBMeadowlarks hang out here
  Rodin Sculpture Garden nr1Thumbnail604 KBWas the title of this "A Vision of Hell"?
  Rodin Sculpture Garden nr2Thumbnail635 KBAt the end of a walkway down the middle
  Rodin Sculpture Garden nr3Thumbnail542 KBIn shade along south side of garden
  Rodin Sculpture Garden nr4Thumbnail702 KB 
  SEQ Plaza nr1Thumbnail529 KB 
  SEQ Plaza nr2Thumbnail520 KBThe "clock" in the foreground is an amazing device
  Southern Loop trail, midway up hillThumbnail779 KBGood view of horse ranch across Page Mill Road
  Stanford MausoleumThumbnail602 KBA nice sunny day, and the grass is growing fast
  Stanford Shopping CenterThumbnail626 KBAmazingly no mall personnel seemed interested in what I was doing.
  The Oval at StanfordThumbnail874 KB 
  View of Memorial ChurchThumbnail737 KB 
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