• This 360 panorama is from Piute Lake, California?
    This 360 panorama is from Piute Lake, California

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Virtual Point Reyes National Seashore viewpoints

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Point Reyes National Seashore  Above Pt. Reyes Lighthouse nr 1Thumbnail504 KBThe foghorn was blaring the whole afternoon
  Above Pt. Reyes Lighthouse nr 2Thumbnail483 KBTaken from the same spot as nr2, but higher up
  Along Trail to Chimney Rock nr 1Thumbnail984 KB 
  At Chimney Rock overlook nr1Thumbnail520 KB 
  At Chimney Rock overlook nr2Thumbnail636 KB 
  Below Chimney Rock viewpointThumbnail553 KB 
  Bluff near Chimney RockThumbnail858 KB 
  Chimney Rock overlook nr4Thumbnail452 KB 
  Clifftop view from midway to Chimney RockThumbnail679 KB 
  Closeup of flowers along trail to Chimney RockThumbnail637 KB 
  Entrance to McClure BeachThumbnail867 KB 
  Hilltop overlooking peninsula nr1Thumbnail743 KB 
  Hilltop overlooking peninsula nr2Thumbnail899 KB 
  Hilltop overlooking peninsula nr3Thumbnail824 KBCould see Tamales Point as well as Point Reyes
  Hilltop view along trail to Chimney RockThumbnail646 KB 
  Kehoe Beach bluff nr 1Thumbnail978 KB 
  Kehoe Beach bluff nr 10Thumbnail609 KB 
  Kehoe Beach bluff nr 2Thumbnail986 KB 
  Kehoe Beach bluff nr 3Thumbnail989 KB 
  Kehoe Beach bluff nr 4Thumbnail1036 KB 
  Kehoe Beach bluff nr 5Thumbnail961 KB 
  Kehoe Beach bluff nr 6Thumbnail970 KB 
  Kehoe Beach bluff nr 8Thumbnail893 KB 
  McClure BeachThumbnail408 KB 
  McClure Beach near Elephant RockThumbnail695 KB 
  McClure Beach south end, near Elephant RockThumbnail725 KB 
  Point ReyesThumbnail777 KBOcean and bluff view from atop some rocks at the gate to the lighthouse
  Point Reyes bluffsThumbnail958 KBSunset's fading light on the bluffs north of Point Reyes.
  Point Reyes nr 2Thumbnail640 KBCloser to sunset
  Point Tomales Trail nr2Thumbnail786 KB 
  Point Tomales Trail nr3Thumbnail650 KB 
  Pt. Reyes LighthouseThumbnail459 KBPt. Reyes is reputed to be the second foggiest place in the US.
  Tomales Point Trail nr1Thumbnail976 KBLots of radish in bloom here
  Tomales Point Trail nr4Thumbnail662 KBA herd of Tule Elk were grazing in the valley below
  Trail to Chimney Rock nr1Thumbnail796 KB 
  Trail to Chimney Rock nr2Thumbnail713 KBMany Star Tulips blooming here; nice view of the Chimney Rock point
  Trail to Kehoe Beach nr 1Thumbnail963 KB 
  Trail to Kehoe Beach nr 2Thumbnail986 KBYellow Lupine bushes right and left
  Viewpoint midway on trail to Chimney RockThumbnail531 KBIt was incredibly windy here, hard to shoot with big gusts
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