• This 360 panorama is from Piute Lake, California?
    This 360 panorama is from Piute Lake, California

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Virtual Portola Redwoods State Park viewpoints

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Portola Redwoods State Park  Bear CreekThumbnail1073 KBAbout 3PM, sun was about to leave
  Bear Creek log crossingThumbnail1128 KBAbout 2:40PM on 4/13
  Bear Creek log crossing @noonThumbnail579 KB3 frames lost to operator error
  East end of Peters Creek loop nr2Thumbnail812 KBTo get a sense of the scale, check out the 6 inch banana slug crawling at the base of the tree.
  East end of Peters Creek loop nr3Thumbnail644 KBGot so excited at the incredible trees I forgot to finish the panorama, so its a partial.
  Fallen log over Bear CreekThumbnail1084 KBHad to get off the log and use the infrared remote to fire the camera from some angles.
  Middle of Peters Creek loopThumbnail968 KB"CUTLOG" ROLL4. The only person I saw this day walked by while I was in the middle of this shoot. He was wearing an Apple cap.
  Middle Peters Creek loop nr 2Thumbnail907 KBROLL4. Some tiger lilies nearby.
  Natalie Grove of Peters Creek loopThumbnail754 KBROLL2. The sun finally broke into the distant trees
  Open space along the Snag TrailThumbnail649 KBHad to keep brushing off the ticks while shooting here.
  Page Mill siteThumbnail1144 KBThere is not much left to see of the mill.
  Page Mill site upstreamThumbnail1020 KBForest makes the sunlight solid
  Peters Creek Loop, middleThumbnail1074 KBSaw only one person that day
  Peters Creek Loop, north endThumbnail1061 KBFirst generation old redwoods
  Peters Creek Loop, south endThumbnail580 KB3 cm long termites common here
  Portola Trail along Fall CreekThumbnail1074 KBThe afternoon light falling on a waterfall
  Ridge view on Bear Creek trailThumbnail609 KBFreehand pano.
  Slate CreekThumbnail1103 KBTaken from atop a huge stump
  Slate Creek Trail CampThumbnail1001 KBNot much of a campsite
  Tiptoe FallsThumbnail1030 KBThe trail was "closed" that day
  Trail to Old TreeThumbnail1110 KB 
  Ward Road, near park boundaryThumbnail425 KBROLL1. Overlooks Oil Creek watershed
  West end of Peters Creek grove nr2Thumbnail907 KBROLL3. It took forever to complete, as I waited for the sun to be blocked by the occasional fast moving cloud.
  West end Peters Creek loopThumbnail812 KBROLL3.
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