• This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon
    This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon

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Virtual Pogonip Park viewpoints

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Pogonip Park  Along the road into the parkThumbnail454 KB 
  Clearing along Pogonip Creek TrailThumbnail546 KBVibrant trees ring the clearing
  Clubhouse groundsThumbnail463 KB 
  Excavation behind limekilnThumbnail680 KBWonderful leaf-fall and wet rocks
  Facing LimekilnThumbnail624 KBA bicyclist whizzed by as I wrapped up.
  Ohlone Meadow, off haunted trailThumbnail720 KBThere is a big rusty pipe at one end of the meadow.
  Old Stables TrailThumbnail609 KBFine view of pasture and the town of Santa Cruz
  On top of limekilnThumbnail567 KBVery well constructed "deck" on top of the kiln
  Pogonip initial hill near south entranceThumbnail393 KB 
  Redwood TrailThumbnail1034 KBIncredible spot--perfect Redwood forest at the bend of the stream
  Redwood Trail and Haunted trail intersectionThumbnail1066 KBHooker's Fairy Bell in bloom
  Shortcut down from springThumbnail586 KBGood viewpoint of Santa Cruz
  Spring TrailThumbnail654 KBA number of people walked by as if I wasn't there
  Top of Ohlone TrailThumbnail656 KBMany birds to listen to while admiring the wildflowers
  Viewpoint by UCSC border nr 1Thumbnail381 KB 
  Viewpoint by UCSC border nr 2Thumbnail367 KB 
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