• This 360 panorama is from Peyto Lake, Canada
    This 360 panorama is from Peyto Lake, Canada

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Virtual Pescadero Creek County Park viewpoints

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Pescadero Creek County Park  Bear Ridge bench nr 1Thumbnail544 KBNo filter, no glare shield. Great view through the trees
  Bear Ridge bench nr 2Thumbnail813 KBThe view never fails to impress me.
  Bear Ridge bench nr 3Thumbnail839 KBSunlight varied during the pan.
  Bear Ridge Bench nrNThumbnail1144 KB 
  Bear Ridge OverlookThumbnail878 KBA fine viewpoint
  Bear Ridge Road nr1Thumbnail1260 KB 
  Bear Ridge Road nr2Thumbnail1359 KB 
  Brook Trail Meadow Thumbnail1148 KBThe lure of the trail
  Butano Ridge Trail Loop, atop Butano Ridge west endThumbnail1079 KBSix hour hike for this? Yes.
  East end of Butano RidgeThumbnail1024 KB 
  Hiker's HutThumbnail1011 KBCould see Pacific waves
  Jones Gulch BridgeThumbnail1112 KBNice bridge!
  Pomponio Trail near Camp PomponioThumbnail1241 KB 
  Tarwater TrailThumbnail902 KB 
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