• This 360 panorama is from Bryce Canyon, Utah
    This 360 panorama is from Bryce Canyon, Utah

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Virtual Los Padres National Forest (Northern) viewpoints

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Los Padres National Forest (Northern)  Coast Ridge above Partington Ridge nr1Thumbnail816 KBGreat views deep into Ventana Wilderness and of the Pacific Ocean
  Coast Ridge above Partington Ridge nr2Thumbnail783 KB 
  Coast Ridge above Partington Ridge nr3Thumbnail691 KBThe purple carpet are lupines
  Coast Ridge above Partington Ridge nr4Thumbnail983 KBWhat you can't see is the cloud of flies that gathers when you stop moving
  Coast Ridge above Partington Ridge nr5Thumbnail890 KB 
  Coast Ridge hilltop of wallflowersThumbnail1030 KBIt's very rare to see this many (100's) wallflowers at once
  Coast Ridge Road 5 miles inThumbnail923 KBFabulous view looking at Ventana Wilderness backcountry
  Coast Ridge Road just past Terrace Cr. TrailThumbnail1017 KBGreat view looking into Big Sur River canyon towards Barlow Flat
  Coast Ridge Road nr2Thumbnail764 KBShot from about halfway up to the ridgetop
  Coast Ridge Road, ridge with wildflowersThumbnail797 KB 
  DeAngulo Trail 3/4 to the top nr2Thumbnail1029 KBThere were lupine, goldfields, owl clover, and blue dicks here.
  DeAngulo Trail 3/4 way to topThumbnail1044 KBGreat display of wildflowers here
  DeAngulo Trail below Coast RidgeThumbnail1202 KBQuite a few yucca plants were blooming beautifully along the trail
  Old DeAngulo Trail 250 yards from THThumbnail772 KBHad to push through a thicket of poison oak to get here
  Old DeAngulo Trail viewpoint nr1Thumbnail533 KBCould see and hear sea otters in the turquoise colored coastal waters
  Old DeAngulo Trail viewpoint nr2Thumbnail563 KBThe trail does not exist here anymore; but the views are stunning
  Partington Ridge chaparrelThumbnail798 KB 
  Partington Ridge overlook, from below logpileThumbnail963 KB 
  Point below Coast Ridge Road nr1Thumbnail643 KBJust beyond halfway up to the ridgetop
  Point below Coast Ridge Road nr2Thumbnail587 KBJust beyond halfway up to the ridgetop
  Point below Coast Ridge Road nr3Thumbnail569 KBJust beyond halfway up to the ridgetop
  Poppies on Partington Ridge nr1Thumbnail1008 KBPerhaps the best poppy field with a view I've seen
  Poppies on Partington Ridge nr2Thumbnail837 KBThe broom plant, while pretty, is non-native
  Triple viewshed off Coast Ridge RoadThumbnail673 KB 
  Viewpoint just below Coast RidgeThumbnail769 KBAfter a long stretch under tree canopy, the view is unbelievable
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