• This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon
    This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon

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Virtual Lakes Basin viewpoints

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Lakes Basin  Above the Tamarack TrailThumbnail764 KBThe lake in the foreground was Saxonia Lake.
  Ascent to Deer LakeThumbnail734 KBThe red flowers growing in the rocks were pretty
  Big Bear Lake shorelineThumbnail768 KBPlenty of great relaxing spots along the shore here
  Deer LakeThumbnail697 KBThere were far more people here (dozens) than I would have expected.
  Mining spot overlooking Round LakeThumbnail824 KBMining equipment was still visible here
  Overlook along Trail to Deer Lake nr1Thumbnail909 KBFirst good view of the Sierra Buttes on the trail to Deer Lake
  Overlook along Trail to Deer Lake nr2Thumbnail848 KBThe fire between Truckee and Reno was responsible for the big plume of smoke on the horizon.
  Overlooking Long Lake nr1Thumbnail797 KBA great overview of the Lakes Basin can be found on this point of the Round Lake Loop trail.
  Overlooking Long Lake nr2Thumbnail559 KBThis was an incredible viewpoint
  Round LakeThumbnail855 KBNo mining equipment visible here, but further along the shore there was a bunch of engines rusting in the shallows of the lake.
  Salmon Lake island nr1Thumbnail701 KBI had to wade out to the island, getting wet up to my waist.
  Salmon Lake island nr2Thumbnail740 KBThis was a different small island off the shore of the bigger island nr 1
  Salmon Lake Trail nr1Thumbnail815 KB 
  Salmon Lake Trail nr2Thumbnail683 KB 
  Silver Lake shoreThumbnail774 KBGreat toe-dipping rocks here
  Tamarack Trail nr1Thumbnail760 KBThe morning light coming into the Sardine Lakes valley and the Sierra Buttes was great.
  Tamarack Trail nr2Thumbnail738 KB 
  Upper Sardine Lake nr1Thumbnail735 KBA truly 4WD road comes up to the lake, or you can walk.
  Upper Sardine Lake nr2Thumbnail870 KBThis was shot from slightly above the dam
  Upper Sardine Lake nr3Thumbnail727 KB 
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