• This 360 panorama is from Dorothy Lake, California
    This 360 panorama is from Dorothy Lake, California

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Virtual Edgewood County Park viewpoints

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Edgewood County Park  Edgewood OaksThumbnail1119 KBDramatic view of some oaks on the northwest corner of the reserve. If the camera was two feet higher, you would see the 280 freeway just beyond the lone oak.
  Edgewood OverlookThumbnail672 KB 
  Middle EdgewoodThumbnail1161 KBLots of pretty Godetia wildflowers amongst the dry grass visisble here.
  West end of EdgewoodThumbnail962 KBA deer had crossed the tail a couple minutes before I clicked this pano. The next day the coastside fog had obscured this view.
  West side of park nr 5Thumbnail1133 KB 
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