• This 360 panorama is from Tioga Pass, Yosemite
    This 360 panorama is from Tioga Pass, Yosemite

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Virtual Big Basin Redwoods State Park viewpoints

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Big Basin Redwoods State Park  Above Opal CreekThumbnail775 KBSkyline-to-the-Sea trail is visible above in the form of a bridge.
  Alder CampThumbnail1243 KB 
  Along Kelly Creek on the Skyline to the Sea TrailThumbnail1116 KBCreek was 100 feet straight down
  Along trail to Buzzard's RoostThumbnail922 KBA small rocky outcrop with a minor view, and lots of knobcone pines
  Anderson Family Memorial near West Ridge TrailThumbnail623 KBAirplane-like view down on Ano Nuevo, after steep hike up
  Below tall bridge over Waddell CreekThumbnail589 KBPretty grove of deciduous trees across the stream.
  Berry Creek Falls nr 1Thumbnail1050 KBHuge waterfall
  Berry Creek Falls nr 2Thumbnail718 KBBiggest water flow in years, from the winter storms.
  Buzzard's RoostThumbnail1028 KBA large rocky point with fantastic view of much of Big Basin
  Camp HerbertThumbnail812 KBA serene and beautiful camp on the banks of Waddell Creek.
  Camp Herbert meadowThumbnail827 KB 
  Cascade FallsThumbnail1055 KBLast of the Berry Creek falls
  Chalk Mountain summitThumbnail858 KB 
  Eagle Rock summitThumbnail393 KB 
  Eagle Rock summit nr 2Thumbnail538 KBChaparrel pea bushes were in bloom
  East Ridge TrailThumbnail1055 KBThe fallen redwood tree shown had over 400 rings visible.
  Father of the forest treeThumbnail1113 KBSixteen feet 10 inch diameter, 250 feet tall tree with circumference 66 feet!
  Footbridge across Waddell CreekThumbnail1071 KBJust enough room for tripod here
  Hill 1096Thumbnail823 KBView of Chalk Mountain Lookout
  Large rock formation north of Opal CreekThumbnail779 KB 
  Mt. McAbeeThumbnail981 KBGreat view out to Waddell Beach
  near Chalk Mountain lookoutThumbnail935 KB 
  Off Marsh TrailThumbnail687 KBThe trees above the Nature Center were enshrouded by a morning fog.
  Opal CreekThumbnail826 KB 
  Parking Lot at Park HQThumbnail854 KB 
  Redwood Trail meadowThumbnail1000 KBIncredible morning light
  Ridge above Skyline to the Sea trailThumbnail1100 KBNice view of meadow, and Waddell Beach
  Ridge view of Waddell Beach and Rancho del OsoThumbnail782 KB 
  Sempervirons FallsThumbnail1054 KBTwo other photographers in scene
  Shadowbrook TrailThumbnail1040 KBFew open spaces to be found along here
  Shadowbrook Trail?Thumbnail1047 KB 
  Silver FallsThumbnail1151 KBUpstream from Berry Creek Falls
  Skyline to the Sea trail below China GradeThumbnail864 KBMany large rocks along trail. View from atop one. Huge black ants raced around me.
  Trail to Eagle Rock nr 1Thumbnail719 KBA small side trail brings you to this overlook.
  Trail to Eagle Rock nr 2Thumbnail791 KB 
  Trail to Eagle Rock nr 3Thumbnail957 KBI particularly liked this section of trail.
  Tree near Rodgers FieldThumbnail868 KBThe tree was covered with even rows of woodpecker holes.
  UnknownThumbnail1119 KB 
  Upper Rancho del OsoThumbnail752 KBHandheld pano on farm road
  Waddell BeachThumbnail653 KB 
  Waddell Beach by Highway 1 OverpassThumbnail608 KB 
  Waddell CreekThumbnail800 KBVery quiet spot, foxglove flowering nearby
  Waddell Creek, near cliffThumbnail702 KBFascinating spot--towering cliff on one end, towering redwoods and alders on other.
  West Ridge TrailThumbnail472 KBCan see Elliot Creek watershed
  West Ridge TrailThumbnail693 KB"THEAD" ROLL2. Thunderheads rising on the east horizon
  West Waddell Creek lower rapidsThumbnail756 KBSpectacular rapids with three prominent layers
  West Waddell Creek upper rapidsThumbnail910 KBNot normally a "rapids" but with lots of runoff...
  White House Road viewpointThumbnail697 KBA hot summery day--looking down on the canyon that feeds Berry Creek falls
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