• This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon
    This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon

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Virtual Banff National Park viewpoints

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Banff National Park  Bow Glacier Falls TrailThumbnail740 KBA fine view of the Glacial Falls, but the rain began to get heavy here.
  Bow Lake, along shoreThumbnail793 KBHeaded out even though it looked like rain. The lake was still an incredible turquoise color.
  Hoodoo on trail down to Vista LakeThumbnail1078 KBThis area was scorched in a fire about 15 years previously.
  Lake Louise Boathouse nr1Thumbnail892 KB 
  Lake Louise Boathouse nr2Thumbnail516 KB 
  Lake Louise opposite BoathouseThumbnail387 KB 
  Moraine Lake inletThumbnail1013 KB 
  Moraine Lake PierThumbnail771 KBIt had just started to rain.
  Moraine Lake rockpile near outlet nr 2Thumbnail482 KB 
  Moraine Lake viewpoint near outlet nr 1Thumbnail968 KB 
  Moraine Lake west shoreThumbnail582 KBIt's hard to believe the color of the water is really this green, but it is.
  Peyto Lake viewpointThumbnail1197 KBIt was hard to get the hordes of tourists out of the picture.
  Stony Squaw Summit nr 3Thumbnail1195 KBThe best view of Banff Valley from Stony Squaw Mountain
  Stony Squaw Summit nr1Thumbnail1054 KBThis spot afforded only about 90 degrees of south-facing view.
  Stony Squaw Summit nr2Thumbnail1084 KBFrom the true summit, there is a not bad view of the surrounding Banff valley
  Vista Lake outletThumbnail1099 KBA very pretty lake, growing back after a fire burned this area over
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