• This 360 panorama is from Peyto Lake, Canada
    This 360 panorama is from Peyto Lake, Canada

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PlaceThumbnailFilesizeQuality rankingCamera usedCan seeNotes
On rocks next to Pigeon Point, Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic ParkThumbnail1953 KB 0 Nikon N90s
On tidal flats south of Pigeon Point, Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic ParkThumbnail2027 KB 0 Nikon N90s
Rocky point over beach next to Pigeon Point, Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic ParkThumbnail2442 KB 0 Nikon N90s
Small bluff over beach next to Pigeon Point, Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic ParkThumbnail2293 KB 0 Nikon N90s
Bear Creek, Portola Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2269 KB 690 Canon T90 About 3PM, sun was about to leave
Bear Creek log crossing, Portola Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2376 KB 533 Canon T90 About 2:40PM on 4/13
Page Mill site, Portola Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2576 KB 934 Canon T90 There is not much left to see of the mill.
Page Mill site upstream, Portola Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2118 KB 802 Canon T90 Forest makes the sunlight solid
Peters Creek Loop, middle, Portola Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2211 KB 680 Canon T90 Saw only one person that day
Peters Creek Loop, north end, Portola Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2179 KB 918 Canon T90 First generation old redwoods
Portola Trail along Fall Creek, Portola Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2171 KB 719 Canon T90 The afternoon light falling on a waterfall
Slate Creek, Portola Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2542 KB 917 Canon T90 Taken from atop a huge stump
Slate Creek Trail Camp, Portola Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2351 KB 982 Canon T90 Not much of a campsite
Tiptoe Falls, Portola Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2239 KB 929 Canon T90 The trail was "closed" that day
Trail to Old Tree, Portola Redwoods State ParkThumbnail2465 KB 936 Canon T90
Irvine Trail nr 2, Prairie Creek Redwoods State ParkThumbnail3011 KB 129 Nikon N90s Shot with a home-made panhead
Midway up the main road, Purisima Creek Redwoods PreserveThumbnail2283 KB 891 Canon T90
Point Reyes, Point Reyes National SeashoreThumbnail1302 KB 937 Canon T90 Ocean and bluff view from atop some rocks at the gate to the lighthouse
Point Reyes bluffs, Point Reyes National SeashoreThumbnail1592 KB 504 Nikon N90s Sunset's fading light on the bluffs north of Point Reyes.
Point Reyes nr 2, Point Reyes National SeashoreThumbnail1123 KB 938 Canon T90 Closer to sunset
Ridge Trail at top of hill, Russian Ridge Open SpaceThumbnail1576 KB 675 Canon T90 Many wildflowers in bloom, some visible here. Somewhat hazy towards the Bay, but clear to west.
Viewpoint off Ancient Oaks trail, Russian Ridge Open SpaceThumbnail1714 KB 714 Canon T90 More poppies and green grass everywhere; in the distance an Open Space Preserve group are eating lunch under the oaks.
Horse Camp, Sam MacDonald County ParkThumbnail1927 KB 801 Canon T90 Spring, deer were grazing
Sanborn Skyline Park, Sanborn Skyline County ParkThumbnail1959 KB 805 Canon T90 A lush world of ferns and other greenery.
Crystal Springs Res., Fish and Game Refuge San Francisco Water Dept.Thumbnail1578 KB 1026 Canon T90
Horseshoe Lake, Skyline Ridge PreserveThumbnail1612 KB 817 Canon T90 Muddy after the rains
JMT-Just below Mono Creek Trail cutoff, Sierra National ForestThumbnail3249 KB 205 Nikon N65 Bear Ridge
Piute Pass nr 2, Sierra National ForestThumbnail3093 KB 76 Nikon N90s Mt. Humphreys, Puite Lake From a rock outcrop just east of the high point of the pass
Lagunita , Stanford University CampusThumbnail1962 KB 973 Canon T90 After the January 96 rains, was pretty full
Canyon View Trail nr 1, Sunol Regional ParkThumbnail4300 KB 0 E5000V1.6 Serpentine soil here
Canyon View Trail nr 10, Sunol Regional ParkThumbnail3675 KB 162 E5000V1.6 Little Yosemite area, Alameda Creek, Ohlone Wilderness Shot with a home-made panhead
Canyon View Trail nr 2, Sunol Regional ParkThumbnail3716 KB 0 E5000V1.6
Canyon View Trail nr 6, Sunol Regional ParkThumbnail3865 KB 0 E5000V1.6
Mt. Tam, Mt. Tamalpais State ParkThumbnail1628 KB 519 Canon T90 Wonderful view of the Bay from slightly below top of Mt. Tam
Gilman Lake, Toiyabe National ForestThumbnail2503 KB 561 Nikon N90s
Green Creek nr 1, Toiyabe National ForestThumbnail2408 KB 292 Nikon N90s Near trailhead.
Green Creek nr 2, Toiyabe National ForestThumbnail2435 KB 559 Nikon N90s Amidst a sea of aspens.
Hoover Lake nr 1, Toiyabe National ForestThumbnail2610 KB 339 Nikon N90s Another rock field
Coast cliffs overlooking sea lion spot, Wilder Ranch State ParkThumbnail1601 KB 673 Canon T90
Coast viewpoint, Wilder Ranch State ParkThumbnail1288 KB 672 Canon T90

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