• This 360 panorama is from Peyto Lake, Canada
    This 360 panorama is from Peyto Lake, Canada

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PlaceThumbnailFilesizeQuality rankingCamera usedCan seeNotes
Next to Archery Fire Road in fog, Huddart County ParkThumbnail2085 KB 116 Nikon N90s Archery Road Shot with a home-made panhead
Bullfrog Lake, Kings Canyon National ParkThumbnail2199 KB 113 Nikon N90s University Peak Unbelievably bad smoke from a giant fire 75 miles away
Rocky hillock east of Guitar Lake, Kings Canyon National ParkThumbnail2945 KB 221 Nikon N65
Inlet to the lake, Loch Lomand Recreation AreaThumbnail3460 KB 0 Nikon N90s
Midway around lake, Loch Lomand Recreation AreaThumbnail1449 KB 892 Canon T90
Along Peters Creek Loop Trail, Long Ridge PreserveThumbnail2025 KB 803 Canon T90 An open area after walking through the forest next to the orchard
Beginning of trail near Grizzly Flat TH, Long Ridge PreserveThumbnail1576 KB 804 Canon T90 On the forest's edge
Overlook from Long Ridge (the ridge), Long Ridge PreserveThumbnail1398 KB 931 Canon T90 A cloudy day on the ridge, so the green grass is saturated looking.
Pond, Long Ridge PreserveThumbnail2289 KB 919 Canon T90 Waterfowl present but not visible
Black Mountain nr 2, Monte Bello PreserveThumbnail1613 KB 800 Canon T90 Could see SF
Looking down valley, Monte Bello PreserveThumbnail1600 KB 910 Canon T90 San Andreas rift valley
Montara Mountain nr 1, McNee Ranch and Montara State BeachThumbnail1708 KB 799 Canon T90 Spectacular view from San Francisco to Pigeon Point
Montara Mountain nr 2, McNee Ranch and Montara State BeachThumbnail3658 KB 483 Canon T90 View of entire Coastside, and up to Mt. Tam
El Camino Real, in front of Kepler's , Menlo ParkThumbnail1314 KB 974 Canon T90
Along Hinckley Creek, The Forest of Nisene Marks State ParkThumbnail2227 KB 670 Canon T90 Fabulous morning light raking the redwoods
Aptos Creek redux, The Forest of Nisene Marks State ParkThumbnail2181 KB 905 Canon T90 Beauty spot
Bridge Creek Trail, The Forest of Nisene Marks State ParkThumbnail2339 KB 904 Canon T90 No shortage of oxygen here
Loma Prieta Epicenter, The Forest of Nisene Marks State ParkThumbnail2443 KB 906 Canon T90 Many landslides nearby
Mill on Aptos Creek, The Forest of Nisene Marks State ParkThumbnail2424 KB 978 Canon T90 Site of historical Mill
Mossy Log along Bridge Creek Trail, The Forest of Nisene Marks State ParkThumbnail2654 KB 736 Canon T90 Interesting forest
Cafe Verona, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1519 KB 1010 Canon T90
City Hall, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1718 KB 975 Canon T90
Downtown Post Office on Hamilton, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1688 KB 902 Canon T90 hotdog vendor was on holiday
Forest and Bryant, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1578 KB 797 Canon T90 Outside PD and Library
Hamilton and Alma, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1248 KB 901 Canon T90 Across from 100 Hamilton(Sun)
Johnson Park, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1843 KB 976 Canon T90
Lytton and Waverly, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1589 KB 987 Canon T90 Several people were lurking
Outside Gordon Biersch , Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1276 KB 676 Canon T90 The famous Palo Alto institution
Parking lot H, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1865 KB 1011 Canon T90 View of Il Fornaio restaurant
Peers Park, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1888 KB 986 Canon T90
Top of the Cowper-Webster parking structure, PA , Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1270 KB 903 Canon T90
University and Florence Street, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail1615 KB 798 Canon T90 Blurred clouds due to interruption
WRL/NSL Machine Room nr 1, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail2471 KB 0 Canon T90
WRL/NSL Machine Room nr 2, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail2498 KB 0 Canon T90
WRL/NSL Machine Room nr 3, Downtown Palo AltoThumbnail2230 KB 0 Canon T90
Brook Trail Meadow , Pescadero Creek County ParkThumbnail2576 KB 930 Canon T90 The lure of the trail
Hiker's Hut, Pescadero Creek County ParkThumbnail1817 KB 562 Canon T90 Could see Pacific waves
Jones Gulch Bridge, Pescadero Creek County ParkThumbnail2525 KB 1014 Canon T90 Nice bridge!
Bluffs overlooking beach south of Pigeon Point, Pigeon Point Light Station State Historic ParkThumbnail2732 KB 173 Nikon N90s Shot with a home-made panhead

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