• This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon
    This 360 panorama is from Vista Butte, Oregon

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Virtual Jasper National Park viewpoints

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Jasper National Park  Horseshoe LakeThumbnail766 KB 
  Maligne Lake pierThumbnail693 KB 
  Medicine LakeThumbnail817 KBIt looked like rain, but didn't until late at night.
  Rest stop overlooking Athabaska RiverThumbnail749 KB 
  Spirit Island from Maligne Lake shoreThumbnail628 KB 
  Stanley Falls nr1Thumbnail1135 KB 
  Stanley Falls nr2Thumbnail642 KB 
  Stanley Falls nr3Thumbnail620 KBThe final fall in this sequence of falls is pretty amazing.
  Stanley Falls nr4Thumbnail995 KBRecapping a falls midway up the trail
  Stanley Falls nr5Thumbnail1122 KBDown next to the stream itself.
  Sunwapta Falls from river's edgeThumbnail1081 KBThe sound of the waterfall is a constant roar.
  Sunwapta Falls lower cascadeThumbnail1127 KBIncredible torrents of water here.
  Sunwapta Falls overlookThumbnail1125 KBUnfortunately the fence is in the view here.
  Wilcox Pass nr 4Thumbnail1081 KBBighorn sheep were grazing right and left.
  Wilcox Pass nr1Thumbnail1127 KBFirst good view of the glacier
  Wilcox Pass nr2Thumbnail590 KBAt a turn in the trail, but before any sign of wildlife.
  Wilcox Pass nr3Thumbnail499 KBSome bighorn sheep were lounging in the distance.
  Wilcox Pass nr5Thumbnail906 KBSeemed like the highpoint of the pass: you could see far in both direcitons.
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